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Charleston Coach currently has two wonderful horses that live on our farm in Ravenel, South Carolina. They are transported to each site specifically for your special event and then return home after. Our horses have their choice of open pasture, shady trees, or cozy stall to spend their free time. Their daily care, from feeding to exercise, is provided by both Richard and Jesse.
Cisco is a founding member of Charleston Coach, starting with the company in November 2004. He is a Belgian Cross, with a chestnut colored coat and flaxen points, and stands 14.3 hands tall. This size suits him to pair perfectly with either of our Victoria carriages. He came to work for Charleston Coach from New Hampshire where he gave many people carriage rides. You can be friends with Cisco on Facebook, his Facebook name is Cisco Risto.

Cody first worked with Richard as a carriage horse on the Market in Charleston. He is a Percheron Draft Horse, his coloring is all black with a small white star and stands 16.2 hands tall. Cody's size suits him to pair mainly with with the horse drawn hay wagon.  Originally from West Virginia, Cody is registered with the Percheron Horse Association of America. You can be friends with Cody on Facebook, his Facebook name is Cody Pratt.


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